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Empanelment is the practice of jury selection in law. Members of the jury are used to help in deciding the verdict of a given case based on the evidence presented. Jury members do not necessarily have training of legal matters. Jury selections are many methods used to choose the people who will serve on a trial jury. The jury pool, also known as the venire, is first selected from among the community using a reasonably random method. Jury lists are compiled from voter registrations and driver license/state ID renewals. From those lists, summonses are mailed. A panel of jurors is then assigned to a courtroom. The prospective jurors are randomly selected to sit in the jury box, and then are questioned in court by the judge and/or attorneys.

Depending on the jurisdiction, attorneys may have an opportunity to mount a challenge for cause argument or use one of a limited number of peremptory challenges. In some jurisdictions that have capital punishment, the jury must be qualified to remove those who are opposed to the death penalty. Jury selection and techniques for voir dire are taught to law students in Trial Advocacy courses. However, attorneys sometimes use expert assistance in systematically choosing the jury, although other uses of jury research are becoming more common. The jury selected is said to have been "impaneled." In three studies legal authoritarianism, attitudes toward psychiatrists, and attitudes toward the insanity defense were examined as predictors of conviction-proneness in insanity defense cases. Some experts believe that 85% of cases litigated are won or lost in the jury selection phase..

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